I am coming for a consultation

  1. Pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms

    You will be contacted 48 hours before your appointment at the hospital (via e-mail or telephone) to check if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, difficulty breathing, cough, …). If you can be contacted via e-mail, you will receive an access pass after completing our questionnaire. Bring this access pass with you to the hospital!

  2. Come at the agreed time.

    Come to the hospital at the agreed time or a maximum of 15 minutes before your appointment. Follow our specific COVID-19 guidelines carefully.

    Draag een mondneusmasker. Wear a face mask that covers both your nose and your mouth.

    Touch only the straps of your mask and disinfect your hands before and after touching the mask.

    Kom alleen naar het ziekenhuis No companion 

    Come alone to the hospital. A companion is not allowed.

    Kom op het afgesproken uur. Come at the agreed time (not earlier, not later).

    Do not stay in the hospital longer than necessary.

    Schrijf je in via onze inschrijvingskiosk. Register at our sign-in kiosk.

    At the sign-in kiosk, you will receive the route number for your department. Proceed only to the department where you have an appointment.

    Respecteer altijd de social distance (1,5 meter) Respect the social distancing guidelines (1.5 metres) at all times
    Ontsmet regelmatig je handen. Disinfect your hands regularly.

    Gloves are not necessary. Wearing gloves gives a false sense of security.

    Kom enkel met een toegangspas. Requesting an access pass is only mandatory for visitors.
  3. Body temperature screening.

    Before you are permitted to enter the hospital, our staff will check your body temperature and screen you for COVID-19 symptoms. Show your access pass when you arrive, so this screening process runs smoothly and waiting lines are avoided.

  4. Then register at our sign-in kiosk. Have your eID at hand to sign in. 

    Once you are inside the hospital, you must register at one of our sign-in kiosks. At the sign-in kiosk, you will receive your route number. Follow the route indicated to your doctor’s waiting room.