Still have questions about your consultation, examination or admission? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our Reception staff.

  • Deurne Campus: 03 320 50 00
  • Antwerp Campus: 03 240 20 20
  • Blancefloer Outpatient Clinic: 03 219 76 92

#May I have someone accompany me to my appointment or admission into the hospital?

If possible, we strongly recommend that you come to your appointment alone. This is the safest option in the current circumstances. Do you wish to bring an attendant? Then a maximum of one escort per patient is allowed*.

(* No escort is allowed during treatment in the oncology day hospital or dialysis due to lack of space, an escort is only allowed during a consultation).

#Can I drop something off for a patient who is staying in the hospital, such as clean clothes or a small gift?

Yes. When you come to visit, you can hand over the clean laundry or a gift to the patient.
Attention: this is only possible during visiting hours and after creating an access pass. You can find the instructions on the current visiting arrangement on this page >

#May I still come to the hospital without an appointment?

Yes.  The medical team in the Emergency Department is standing by 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to help you and provide care for unplanned needs. The first examinations and treatments required to guarantee your well-being are carried out in the Emergency Department. And if you require follow-up care? Then, you are referred to a specialist or to your general practitioner. 

As is the case throughout the entire hospital, a strict separation policy is maintained so that you do not come into contact with COVID-19 patients.